Welcome to BSCWIN Bulls

A Crypto Community Disrupting Traditional Lotteries
BSCWIN is a revolutionary cross-chain ecosystem that hosts the most advanced community-driven decentralised lottery and DAO. It consists of a community of BSCWIN Bulls NFTs residing on the Ethereum blockchain network. BSCWIN offers the most sustainable and fully decentralised lottery on the BSC network and a DAO that aims to secure financial freedom for its members - The BSCWIN Bulls.
The lottery is designed to provide payouts to users without the need to sustain trading volume using an advanced liquidity-lottery payout mechanism.

Why we are bullish on BSCWIN Bulls Ecosystem

"In an ocean of new upcoming PFP projects, it’s good to see one that has an actual innovative working product and already has solid developments. Also, the art is unique, and everybody is a Bull."
"With $BSCWIN token launching at just 135k market cap this is a launch one doesn’t want to miss. Closest competitors are at 30x that valuation and not showing as much potential.“
BSC is the most popular low-gas decentralized network, and we believe it is currently optimal for attracting retail and institutional investors, particularly for lottery-focused decentralized applications.
Existing lottery projects suffer from the need to maintain high trading volume with high fees for lottery payouts. BSCWIN pioneers the crypto lottery space using an advanced liquidity-lottery payout mechanism to overcome this issue.
BSCWIN incorporates a custom weighted random sampling algorithm for a completely random and fair selection of winners. Participants must buy and hold at least1 $BSCWIN to be eligible for lottery draws.
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