NFTs & DAO Ecosystem

BSCWIN is much more than a sustainable lottery project. We are happy to introduce the Genesis BSCWIN Bulls NFTs, 2000 unique Genesis Bulls residing in the Ethereum blockchain network.

NFT Properties, Distribution, and Minting

Each BSCWIN Bull is unique and algorithmically generated from over 80 possible traits, including clothing, horns, expression, accessories, and more.
Out of the 2,000 Genesis BSCWIN Bulls, 50 will be distributed randomly to BSCWIN lottery winners on a 2 per day basis for the first 25 days after the project launch. These 50 Lucky Bulls will be identified as having a BSCWIN Gold background and, apart from being very scarce, will bear unique attributes.
The remaining 1950 Genesis BSCWIN Bulls will be obtained through a standard minting process or purchased at secondary markets. Their intrinsic value will be determined based on the combined rarity of their individual traits, the overall NFT market demand, and their role within the DAO Ecosystem. More details on the latter are presented below.
During the later stages of the project, more BSCWIN Bulls NFTs will be introduced in accordance with the ecosystem's growth. Note, however, that only 2000 Genesis BSCWIN Bulls will ever be in circulation.

Community DAO

Each BSCWIN bull holder will be able to join the exclusive Club of the Bulls Ring, propose, vote and execute initiatives regarding the BSCWIN Ecosystem.
BSCWIN Bulls holders will earn rewards based on the number of $BSCWIN tokens and BSCWIN Bulls NFTs they hold. For more details on the Reward Mechanism, please read the following subsection.
Deep down everyone is a Bull...
The bull run never stops. Join the movement by minting or buying your Genesis BSCWIN Bulls NFT. Each Bull holder is an Ambassador of BSCWIN representing a Movement to Disrupt Traditional Lotteries.